Andou Oeiji Edit

Andou Oeiji is the main male protagonist of the series Chosen Beta and is a first-year High school Student at St.Taurus in Hong Kong. Andou Oeiji is a pretty chill dude one of Andou hobbies are exploring, he is pretty much out going. He learns about A Historical event regarding the Demon War zone that have been continuing for ages according to the structure of hell existence and further more. There are events categorize all known in one called the structured calendar. Everything all began as Andou notice a giant mob a Gang called the Violent Branch chasing a weird looking creature and later on saves The Alien Yeti (weird looking creature) they form a friendly relationship. The relationship between Andou and Terrance becomes dangerous when getting obliviously involve. In Hong Kong Andou is mistaken as Ouji Nile because of his last name Oeiji as Terrance always calls him that most of the time and one fact of Ouji Nile is that he has a ability that nobody can remember his face. As the story progresses Andou becomes apart of the Coliseum of Cold Feel by solving a mystery after being kidnapped from the Violent Branch. During the phase of the story Andou has a powering up dysfunction of his esper abilities this causes his power to shutdown in most cases but Andou is then given a Parrot Beak eye drop from a Tibet shrine that can only be used on his left eye this eye drop will help him activate his powers but later on in the series Andou runs out of the Parrot Beak eye drops so he will have to rely on his survival instincts. There's a difference Andou can't use his psychic powers without the ability of the Parrot Beak and Irugin can use his psychic powers freely as he wants. Both brothers discover there power from knowing about a Ancestral family member that his power has been split and is passed down to Andou and Irugin In this story Andou starts using his and experiencing his powers for the upcoming structured calendar existence, mysteries of the world of esper/magicians and its societies, and Andou is tasked with protecting Human World from various supernatural threats over the course of the series. For all of what happen he joins A society of Demon's and Magic a society called Class Vessel after a while he and his friends apart from Class Vessel and create there own clan called Vessel Beta they all made a commitment to survive throughout this dangerous journey and accomplish there goals. Andou then explore places around the world & beyond. He takes care of supernatural evil and with Terrance he becomes Andou assigned servant as the world of danger circles around Andou he then somewhats become a reluctant hero.

Etymology Edit

Sole Speaker to one eye. Parrot Beak the marvelous power attributed into my left eye its main power consist a cyclops and can blow away anything (the Parrot Beak is the one covering Left Eye inside it is a Golden Eye) He has 2 forms known as ParrotWindBeak and Arch Kokutou. These Parrot Beak Forms reveal throughout tough opponents in the continuation of the plot. Mostly mainly using Parrot Beak 1st form for critical laser attacks. Another form he has is Arch Kokutou his latest form a highly monumental capability it becomes the structure of his power known as his Terrestrial Form. Other than that Mame Puteradakuchiru who is Lchiv becomes Andou Mentor and trains to awaken his Demon Strength so he surpasses his limits into a certain point.

Background Edit

Andou was raised in Hong Kong. And is the son of Oegri and Jun. Andou was a Introvert and felt Extroverted when he was with Elliot Axel. Andou felt interactions day to day with people but he always felt like a Introvert. Which means he didn't had many friends when he grew up. Sometimes he felt like his life was like a living hell but knowing that he had a awesome younger brother he felt he could push through any obstacle's in his life and when he met Terrance the Alien Yeti he felt even more alive then before, using all his strengths to face every struggle waiting a head. He then got a job in Class Vessel getting more involve in the supernatural world giving him adventures/missions that get him involve into the real world. The world that circles danger around him. Class Vessel stated that Andou could have his own dorm if he could keep being a student. One of the reasons he joined is to help out Terrance, to know about his Esper Abilities and to become Hero of the Structured Calendar. Through out his adventures he keeps striving for upcoming unknown dreams that he wants to pursue. He starts seeing the world as a different view.