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Andou started being a part of a society of demons and magic Andou became a member of Class Vessel. At age 16 as present Andou Welfare became decent and Class Vessel provided a place for him to stay. Andou and Terrance always hangout in a variety of places. In and Out Hong Kong Andou gets involved with gangs, mafia's and gets mixed up into military trouble. Which these people have supernatural powers and great martial arts. Andou plans to teach Violent Branch the gang a lesson and getting answers for what they are doing. Being into Class Vessel and having Alien yeti by his side could be troublesome because of the trouble it can cause for Andou although this is his job. Class Vessel although is all about battlefields and danger they are meant for cultivate and ranking levels for Students with supernatural abilities. Class Vessel is also a agency for hunting and collecting what they will need for there society. The society Class Vessel puts Andou at a school name St.Taurus as a first year high school student. In St.Taurus High School a black haired girl name Elly Tsuneki shows up as a new character in the story. Andou first meets her as he became a new transfer student in St.Taurus High school later on events happen and Andou forms friends. The Class Vessel Arranges Andou for beating up gangs and mafia as a quest its sometimes is a one man job. Andou Oeiji becomes loyal, strange and heroic he forms a a great team of members in and out Class Vessel. As Elly grew fond of Alien Yeti (Terrance) she starts hanging out with Andou and learning about his world that is psychological, supernatural, and his path.

The next few stories involves Andou becoming increasingly drawn into the conflict of the last 2 purgatorial creatures in the the whole wide world who can change world cause. And supernaturals threats that have to do with espers like the higher ups that came up with the structured calendar event little that they know trouble slightly becomes corrupt and messed up. Andou gets involve in the structure of hell, the structure of tibet, the structure of perennial, the structure of arid, the structure of counterpoint to the city's frenetic scene, and the structure of six realms of illusory existence. Along with his friends. In one his recents events Andou and his friends come face to face in a dark shrine meeting up with the demon magician mimes and their leader Godly Lchiv this is part the event called the structure of hell as things turn out they solved this ordeal and Lchiv and new friends join Class Vessel. As the story progresses Lchiv rule over Class Vessel and helped out Andou and his friends with there missions. A tragedy awaits Lchiv as he dies from one of the enemies Andou said his goodbyes to him and Lchiv gave him the puteradakuchiru powers. This option combines Andou omu powers with the puteradakuchiru this became the art of terrestrial form called Arch Kokutou his new form. Andou didn't use this form yet until he fought a strong boss. Andou later on dies from a tragic episode of his life from one of the events. He transports to Allishie purgatorial world called the fantasy jungle where he has to find a monstrous bird in order to escape the world but this monstrous bird becomes Andou's new power there were other people in that world too. With the events called the structure of perennial, the structure of arid, the structure of counterpoint to the city's frenetic scene, and the structure of six realms of illusory existence. There were some tragedies and newcomers in Class Vessel. After coming back to the real world from the fantasy jungle they continued the events and further more. After the structure of six realms of illusory existence Andou dies again this time he goes to Terrance Asterisk purgatorial world called the altar of heaven tournament they have to win the tournament in order to win over the ordeal you'll be stuck there until you win. Andou, Elliot and 2 girls travels to Medieval places for new adventures. Motarike and Ouji Nile figure out the contract with the Alien Yeti and Allishie and travel all around the purgatorial world finding and helping people and looking for new places making their own quest.

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2 introvert brothers get involve with purgatorial magic. They become the purgatorial demon contractor one with ice and one with fire. These creatures are the last purgatorial demons that can change world cause. Andou and his friends get involve with all this and become strong espers facing a lot of supernatural evil that causes a threat to the world and a game of life and death. These individuals overcome the danger that circles around them.

Chosen Beta Edit


A One Sided Dirty Carnival Arc Edit

The 1st event has come Andou Meets up with Terrance for the first time. When Terrance gets chase by the the Violent Branch all through town. He is inform as a property of the lightning heavens. Terrance gets introduce to Andou and he brings Andou into a scary world to surpass and overcome the structure of hell. The conclusion gets bundled up through out the fight where Andou protects Terrance. Although he struggles to help Terrance and get's obliviously involve. During the fight with the Violent Branch, Andou tries his best to survive after a while Terrance transforms into a Demon Yeti and annihilate's the gang as he awakens. After the fight enemies run off and Andou and Terrance became close friends and now Terrance lives with Andou. As things turn out people were after Ouji Nile the Demon Bone King looking for a fight they were facing the number 1 fighter who is known as the guy who hunts demons now he is in solitary confinement and now he has a reason to get closer to fight the boss Hajime Pisuke (it became a show) in order to live a ordinary life and get out of there suddenly a change of occurrence happens he then escape's easily and went somewhere else without anyone knowing the clear identity of Ouji Nile he was accompanied by Terrance the alien yeti and is his partner for a current time until he meets Andou Oeiji. Later on enemies mistaking Andou Oeiji as Ouji Nile mostly being involved in the events of its introduction side and further more. Further more in the story it becomes a pace from the beginning of the story it becomes a psychological adventure. Within a different arc there are a couple of societies who are very mean espers/magicians and prevent other travelers ingetting involve of the events from the structure of hell so they organised a prison camp called Omita Prison Tower for them encase they break the law but there is a brighter side in the tournament for espers/magicians which is located near the graves of the volcano. The team winner wins 2 prizes the 1st is a map to the another epic continent that they will choose, 2nd Wealth. This happens in the prison camp for espers/magicians. Within the one sided dirty carnival arc during Andou's last 2 weeks of summer these events happens. After summer was over Andou enter St.Taurus High School as a new transfer student this is where he meets 2 of his best friends for the first time Elliot Axel and Elly Tsuneki. There was also another student name Ouji Nile one thing about him is that he uses a ability that no one can remember his face this ability is whenever he feels like using it. School began and it became a ordinary life for a while as things turn out more of the Violent Branch tricked and captured Andou and Terrance they were completely weak and are expecting to die.  Bigger vehicles came in and took them they went to a wild crazy highway where there was a lot of commotions and danger. Andou began talking to Terrance and Terrance said "Do you think you can get out of this do you know anything about magic?" Andou said "Well I can't use my power right now it's stubborn it doesn't activate and yeah my power is called Parrot Beak".

Hajime Pisuke Arc Edit

The Structure of Hell

Vessel Beta Survival Arc Edit

Andou and his friends part away from Class Vessel and go on in an adventure to go to Lightning Heavens continent to learn more of the Structure of Hell Society. There are a couple of societies who prevent espers/magicians in getting involve of the events from the structure of hell so they organised a prison camp called Omita Prison Tower for them encase they break the law but there is a brighter side in the tournament for espers/magicians which is located near the graves of the volcano. The team winner wins 2 prizes the 1st is a map to the another epic continent that they will choose, 2nd Wealth. This happens in the prison camp for espers/magicians. This is where Andou and friends get caught and there are given one chance everyone competes in a dangerous life risking tournament for the prizes. What they aim for is the structure of hell. After a long battle with survival instincts everyone goes to the graves of the volcano where they will fight a guy with a giant jellyfish as things goes bad Terrance grows as big as the giant jellyfish being like a more dangerous demon yeti. Then everybody attacks the user of the giant jellyfish. The user name is Joris Hayama. The fight keeps going on and on. Andou gets the upper hand and defeats the opponent Joris then he retreats. Later on everyone gets a break from the journey to relax and to prepare for the Structure of Hell. 

Vessel Beta Survival Arc Part II Edit

Andou and friends come face to face in a dark shrine. They try to figure out why there is a Demon War Zone that have been going on for ages and what is behind it all. They explore out of the cave and temple. They see Demon Magician of Mime's. They were doom the Demon Magician of Mime's seem to hold clans of different sorts, people, Mafia's and Military as hostages and prisoners they were planning to sacrifice these people as their ritual of forming a God named Lchiv who was more like a warrior who was descended from ancient demon blood of a person who is known as Mame Puteradakuchiru. Somehow a few of some clan members of different names, Fighters from the Omita Prison Tower and Class Vessel showed up. To protect and back up Vessel Beta and escape. It was too late for some people that were part of the ritual and some were hurt. They escape and they were too scared to fight them. There were only 5 Demon Magician Mime's. They were known as the Crowned Mime's. Pretty similar to Motarike Oeiji ethnicity. Each of the 5 Crowned Mime's names were Tsudo Biome, Mikiya Gunther, Zamemora Amon, Migi Kaeda, Liam Oger. They had 700% of resurrecting Lchiv and they needed 300% from a Relic and several artifacts from magical continents which is out of reach. Liam Oger makes a wager if anybody can defeat him they will let everyone go and they will find another way to summon Godly Lchiv. The team's try to find other options to be able to defeat him. Motarike Fights Liam Oger and the other's fight too. Andou Awakens different form's and energy attacks from his Parrot Beak. Liam Turn's into his Mime Oger state things become difficult. The crew only defeats Liam and the other crowned mimes find out another way to summon Godly Lchiv as what they promise to Andou and friends. As they find them as a threat they whisper to themselves and they forcefully act and throw them into a cell but Vessel Beta keeps resisting and then the crowned mimes get angry and create a heated fight. They partially deceived them. Later they learn that the structure of hell is like a place for escaped demons to rot in eternity and that the crowned mimes have gone mostly mentally insane by being apart of it.