Personality and Relationships

Personality and Relationships Edit

"I won't stand to lose anything I'll only stand to gain" ~ Andou Oeiji

Andou Oeiji is the main protagonist of Chosen Beta, Andou Oeiji is entitled to participate in the structured calender events. Whenever there's danger that circles around him even in hopeless situations Andou will use many various options to survive psychologically. Andou is a little bit of a day time lantern (daydreams and fantasizing) and a bit of a dork. He usually doesn't seem to have any sense of appeal nor opposition against girls. Andou is a very friendly guy his friends are the key to his strength and power. He is sometimes a guy you can rely on. His curiosity and stupidity gets him into a lot of trouble that could be dangerous involving him into fighting demons and people within the Magic side of the world.

Personality Edit

Andou is a loner most of the time usually on a regular basis to do introverted activities in his room. One of his friends that he get inspired the most is Elliot Axel because of how positive and extroverted he is. During some cases with other people Andou usually interacts with. During his adventures he learns to defeat a obstacle with his psychological instinct and he is also granted with survival instincts in most cases. In the parts of the Arc's he plays a role in like the structure of six realms of illusory existence. He meets 6 different realm version's of himself they are more superior then him. And one of them is a robot that he is having troubles with. The name of the robot is Skyscraper Tank and he is a master of doppelganger disguise. This structure of six realms of illusory existence is a place known for being part of the structure calendar this is where the players live or dies. The player gets put into one of the maps when they get involve with this game of life. The six realms are scattered in many mirrors this structure of six realms of illusory existence activates in a office with block mirrors on both sides of the wall giving a hallway and entrance one reason it activates can be if your one of the chosen people involve with purgatorial magic it activates when it will activate. When this happens it can make a person be impersonated with different qualities and personalities 1 person from 1 of each 6 realms. Other than the Skyscraper Tank there is one more powerful enemy who is a more superior doppelganger. Which can be the reflection of your anxiety and fear. After defeating this Arc Andou becomes more stronger even from the fantasy jungle and Altar of Heaven tournament. Andou is stated as a reckless street fighter and Lchiv becomes his mentor after resolving the structure of hell incident. Lchiv trains Andou physical and magical abilities. Andou is known as Parrot Beak, Parrot Wind Beak, Omu and Cyclops User he learns to fight with this form for several Arc's and later awakens a form Omu Puteradakuchiru Terrestrial Form (Arch Kokutou) for drastic measures. These abilities are his trump card/secret weapon other than being a useless person with just psychological and survival instincts with no abilities this is how he usually is because of his powering up dysfunctions but after playing a lot of his role with a lot of adventures he is able to use his power as he wants.

Delusional Mentality Edit

Andou is going through some mental issues like parts of schizophrenia. In chosen beta he goes through a episode/phase. He believes that everything is about him the more he thinks about it the more of a dork he is. Andou believes that there is someone looking through his eyes and he thinks of himself as a prophet of the bible. Most of the time he is in a normal state. But all the things he engages in just like anime and books it messes him up a bit he psychological cries inside. Life becomes somewhat a struggle for him. During the story he always goes with a normal mind.

 Relationships Edit

Elliot Axel Edit

Andou sometimes rely's on him and he is the best friend of Andou who sometimes calls him Oeiji. Andou didn't have much friends but he was his first. Elliot is a positive cool guy who like eating crabs. Elliot is really sociable and sometimes has a funny side to him. Elliot recently became a esper gaining the power of a crab arm and being part zombie he learns lots of new powers and using his art ichinose for his techniques. Elliot saves Andou from Ouji Nile and finishes of the fight between him and Ouji Nile. Elliot is eventually regarded as a hero by the other people who look up to him he gets his philosophy from Naruto the anime "Never give up". Elliot is Confident in his own abilities and is a risk taker. Elliot has a orange hair and a blue shirt that makes him look like a baseball guy. And wears earrings most of the time. His uniform in school that he wears is a brown outfit. He is always pin pointing helpful strategies and thoughts.

Irugin Oeiji Edit

Andou younger brother he is 1 year younger than him. He is different than his brother like he can use his espers and psychic powers freely as he wants but Andou in the other hand has a hard time using his powers because most of the time it shuts down which he later resolves. Irugin is contracted with Allishie the purgatorial creature just like Andou is contracted with Terrance the alien yeti. Him and his brother have a good relationship and don't hate each other much. Irugin is a shadow archer as well as a mime he transform into a mime when he is irritated and angry this gives him more power as a psychic and esper. For some weird reason it feels like Andou and Irugin is related to Lchiv that is what they believe but it turns out he is a ancestral family member. Irugin is like a hikkomori his personality develops as he stay connected with his brother. Irugin lives with the family while Andou lives with himself from Class Vessel support. Irugin becomes stronger and gains new abilities as a fighter with Ouji Nile they become a strong duo to help out humanity.

Ouji Nile Edit

As Andou forms a team of 4 Andou recruits Ouji Nile and the team of 4 are: Andou Oeiji, Elliot Axel, Irugin Oeiji, and Ouji Nile. Ouji first appeared when starting a fighting and almost defeating Andou but then losses to Elliot. He is always making dinosaur bone creatures to do his puppet work. He is sometimes hostile but really likes Terrance like a little brother. His eyes are lifeless he is known as a demon bone king meaning the king of all death the king of everything about a grim reaper. He can use his body as a bone weapon and create bone shaped monstrous swords. He later learns the meaning of friendship and becomes a true friend to anyone and his closest pals. He has blue hair and has horns on his heads which can show or not. He has the ability to make people not remember his face. And he knows time magic. People call him Nile but his name Ouji which confused his enemies thinking his name is Oeiji which turn out trouble for Andou and Terrance. Ouji Nile is a unknown type of character and is always targeted by his enemies he is the guy who hunts demons.

Terrance Asterisk Edit

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Terrance Asterisk is alien yeti and becomes assigned to Andou to be his servent. Later in the series he shows his human form. He is known as a purgatorial creature and can change world cause. He has the ability of ice and can transform into a demon yeti he has great strength as a fighter although his just 6 years old and the question is where did he come from. Andou doesn't want to attract attention when his around him.

Elly Tsuneki Edit

Through out all funny friendly relationships between friends. Elly and the others are sometimes idiots Elly calls Elliot Axel sometimes by the name of baseball looking guy others do too. Elly friend Andou Oeiji is one of her closest guy friends. Elly most of the time hangs out with Andou. Her hot headed personality becomes apparent whenever other characters try to harm Andou. Elly possesses short black hair. Her height is about 167cm. Elly has other friends that are girls and they always look up to her.  

Lchiv Ikki-Oeiji Edit

The main protagonist villain in the the structure of hell event. Lchiv possesses purple hair he has the same skin color as Irugin Oeiji when transformed into a mime demon magician. Lchiv possesses the power of the pterodactyl like having the same power as Andou from the left eye Lchiv can transform into a pterodactyle and can summon a Asian Lung. He is also known as Mame Puteradakuchiru his ethnicity was forwarded to Andou and Irugin when they were born. Lchiv is a Ancestral family member of Andou and Irugin having the blood of a mime and a bird creature. Within the year gap when he existed he vanished and later his recruit revived him the time when Andou and his friends got involved with this sort of event. Lchiv crew is called the crowned mimes and they possessed clothing such as cloth and casual outfits each one of them looked dangerous. When Andou helped out Lchiv he then gave him a favor as being the leader of Class Vessel during lots of events tragedy awaits.